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Photography Website Feedback

Hi Guys,

Well after many weeks of trial and error I have FINALLY finished my first live site! I did intend to work on the front end design in Photoshop and then get a professional programmer to help me out with the coding but in the end decided to try the coding myself! It's probably not perfect code but it pretty much does what I want it to do!

What do you guys think of the site? Feedback on layout, coding etc would be great... I'm still learning as I go along so any lessons that I can take form this site would be a great advantage!

Here's the link: KM Photography | Home



Staff member
Sorry but it doesn't work for me... it's just not gelling in my opinion. It's more obvious on the home page with the black faded edges to the photo's and the straight white edged background, they just don't go with each other and the background.

The 'orb' buttons just seem stuck on and your shadows are wrong, they should be underneath not to the side. Technically they should be fading into the distance behind the orb as the light on the main site is from top centre.

The tab on the top just seems out of place, it reminds me of something like you'd see with Colman's mustard or something.

Also it seemed to take ages to finish rendering the page, could probably do with some optimisation on the image file sizes (you did use save for web didn't you....)

I'd also suggest looking at the portfolio page in firefox 10, there's some weird double hover effects...
for me it's too web 2.0. For a professional photographer you should be looking at a sleek style, stripped back with not so many effects. I like it but at the same time it doesn't fit the purpose.
Thanks for the speedy response guys... I suppose the actual design is always going to be a subjective thing... the person I designed it for loved the layout and she had worked with two other designers before she turned to me for ideas!

Levi, just checked the site in Firefox 10 and I'm not getting any weird hover effects? Are you talking about the thumbnails or the actual lightbox images?

Regarding the file sizes... I did use save for web so not sure why they are taking so long to load? Perhaps I need to reduce them further... bit reluctant to do that because the quality really drops when I reduce them anymore.



Staff member
thumbnails, depending on where you hover you get a grey background or a colour changed image
There are thumbnails for each category of photography so the user doesn't have to scroll through all 113 images. They can just focus on the type of photography they're interested in.


Junior Member
You have a very cute logo ! Your website is fantastic though it needs a little more work on it.

About the thumbnails : categorizing them by theme is a good idea, but as br3n said, there should be small thumbnails for EACH image. The first thing I look on photos is the color and brightness ; with his, I can have a little idea of it and can select what I like. I don't want to cache-download all 113 images to look at the ones I like... but anyways, everything else is great. I enjoyed to take a look at your Landscape photos !


Senior Member
rosedani said:
There are thumbnails for each category of photography so the user doesn't have to scroll through all 113 images. They can just focus on the type of photography they're interested in.
If you can't handle constructive criticism, don't ask for it - Your selling your photography (dont take that literally) and yet your only showing 6 or so images?

You need to make everything as simple as possible for the user, don't put barriers infront of them... it might be that I dont like the first 3 of your images that im forced to see in each set, with thumbnails you get a good overview of whats going on with the choice to see more in detail.