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photography tutorials?


Senior Member
anybody got an links? :)

i backtracked and started looking at the manuals i got with my camera, just so i know what im environment im in, i just wanna be able to put techniques into practice now :)


(oh, and end of christmas is at midnight :( goodbye mr (xmas))


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Don't know any online but i got this book for xmas and so far so good! He writes in quite a humorous way and doesn't fluff it up with all the technical stuff, you know tells ya how to achieve results instead of explaining the boring stuff. It's only £6.98 you could buy it through the DF link ha!


Senior Member
true true sounds good.

ill go that way once i got through my first book :)

nice one though, my "starter" book cost me £10 alone!
allyally2k said:
Yeah that's the same one I recommended above. It's written in a nice way isn't it, easy to pick up.
Ahh sorry. I didn't even click your link. :eek:

Yes it's very well written, and definitely in an easy to pick up way. :)