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Photo galleries- please help!!!

PLease can anyone help me?!

I have a basic CSS designed website for me to sell fine art photography prints but I cant seem to find how to do the gallery;

It needs to be able to go in my content wrapper so it fits in with my website (about 750px wide)

It needs to have text and the option of inserting the paypal button on the enlarged image

And it needs to be easily updated as I want to update with fresh images instead of re-doing the whole website.

Does such a thing exist?!

I'm fairly new to HTML and CSS so looking for something very simple for now....

Please help me I'm losing patience!



Active Member
Hey Charlotte.
Welcome to the forums, whilst you here why not post and introduction about yourself and your work in the introduction section of the forums -- Introductions

To answer your questions, you could do a quick search on google for image galleries, I would suggest having a look here --- 57+ Free Image Gallery, Slideshow And Lightbox Solutions

If you dont want to manually add images and information to your website you will need a content management solution, typically there isnt a one size fits all, so you can either source a close match off the net, again using google and modify to suit, or get one of the guys on these forums to provide a solution for you.

Lets know how you get on.