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Sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong forum I really wasn't sure where to put it.

  1. This is a shameless plug for myself. ([URL=""]Poster Contest | Phire Design)[/URL]
  2. I am having a contest and wanted to know if anyone wanted to join in.
Here is the post from my website:

The Idea For the unofficial opening of my website, I have decided to hold a poster design contest. The poster can have any design elements you like, but must portray an idea of “Thank you”. This can be in type or in the design itself.


  1. The poster must be designed at a minimum of 6″(w) by 8″(h) or 1800px by 2400px @ 300dpi.
  2. There is no limited to the number of entries you can have.
  3. Have fun.
There are no examples. This is solely based on your interpretation of the phrase “Thank You”. Anything goes.

Unfortunently since my site is just starting out, I don’t have a large amount of prizes, but I do have some. And because of that, I am only going to award them to one winner. For my next contest I will definently give prizes to the first three places.

  • 250 Free Business Cards from DynaGraphics/Fast Impressions in Decatur, IL. (single sided, full bleed, full color, on 10 pt Kromekote)
  • 25 Free Full Color 4″ x 6″ postcards of your design to send to whoever you want. A great thank you for your clients!
  • 25 Free Photoshop Grunge Brushes made by myself.
  • 50 Free Stock Texture Photos, taken by Dragovan Artistry here in Decatur, IL. (a good personal friend of mine, and a great photographer)


To submit your design please visit the Flickr Group for the contest.
Good luck, and thank you!

Thanks for the great forum!


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Hey AJ,

I've moved over to the Design Marketplace, there isn't really a clear area for contests, but I'll perhaps add a mention of contests/competitions to the forum description for the marketplace.

Also just to check, will this contest be limited to entrants from the USA? Or will it be open to anyone, no matter their location?



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No problems, thanks for letting us know, just wanted to check as I know the majority of our members are UK based. Thanks, Greg