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Pharmaceutical Design

Just wondering if anyone out there has any links to any interesting pharmaceutical design work. Got a brief in for new over the counter product branding and looking for some general research material. Done a bit of googling but not come up with much. Anyone got any links to agencies specialising in this area, product showcases or any general links to do with health care design would be grand.


I did do a website many years ago (like 8 years ago) for a medical research company.. but they went bust about a year ago... my guess is to look at the big pharmaceutical companies like Glaxo and Johnson and Johnson and things like that :)


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Hi Russell,

Sorry I'm a bit late onto this one, we had a design agency come into our Uni who had done some cool work for a pharmaceutical company, just looked them up for you and found a showcase of that client - Showcase - Clients

It was the front covers that stood out as I remember, they had all the various equipment and apparatus photographed and then set out into different shapes, with a UV spot on the photos and matt for the rest...

Unfortunately the pics on their site aren't very big, if I think of any others I'll post them up!
Cheers Chris & Greg.

They have some really nice work on that website, think they need to display it a bit better though, doing themselves a bit of a disservice. Any more links, please keep them coming, not an area I've much experience in so need a bit of help to get off the ground with it.


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Yeah I agree, some of the printed examples they brought in were excellent, shame there's no close-ups and bigger/better shots on their site.

Just found this Russell, it's a supplier directory of graphic/web design for a medical/pharmaceutical marketing group - Providers of Graphic Design to the Medical and Pharmaceutical industry - MMG

Hopefully there may be a few agencies in there that have some decent work examples in this sector for you to look into.

Also try searching for related keywords on Design Week, I just tried it with pharmaceutical, and whilst I'm not subscribed to DW the story snippets can sometimes give you some leads to search, for example...

GlaxoSmithKline has appointed four consultancies to its UK consumer healthcare packaging design roster, as part of its first UK design roster review since 2004, Design Week can reveal.GSK's procurement team, led by Sara Cook, has chosen London consultancies Bloom Design, Haines McGregor, Bulletproof Design and Echo Brand Design from a shortlist of around 12 consultancies, which is thought to have included Brandopus, Reach, Creative Leap, Dragon Brands and Blue Marlin Brand Design, ...
b l o o m
Haines McGregor