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Personalised Calendar Feedback Please!

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by davewill, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. davewill

    davewill Senior Member

    Hey guys,
    Ive been working on a range of football related calendars for the past few months and the Liverpool FC version has finally been released (theres an everton, arsenal, fulham, spurs and man city versions coming in the next few weeks). The thing that makes these calendars stand out from the rest is that they can be personalised with your own name, which makes them a bit different from the average calendar. If anyone has a minute could they give me some feedback on the calendar design and the website design? We've had a few technical issues with the flash element of the site lately and Id be interested to see peoples thoughts. Would you buy one? What do you think of the idea and the price etc
    The site is - Official Liverpool FC 2010 calendar - Premier Sports Gifts
    Cheers guys!
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  2. Mohammad

    Mohammad Guest

    I really like the idea.. One thing with the calendar I dont like is the title's font "March 2010" etc it looks dirty.. Maybe try a cleaner font. Some people might like it but I dont.. Umm.. the price is aright I think.. I would buy it..
  3. davewill

    davewill Senior Member

    who do u support mo?
    any feedback at all would not fussy!
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  4. mrp2049

    mrp2049 Senior Member

    honestly, if you are a fan and can get an official one for a fiver, is this more of a draw? I dont think so.

    It's a nice idea, but you are paying considerably over the odds for something which is slightly detracted from the club.

    Official Manchester United FC 2010 Calendar Calendar 2010: Books

    example, its just filled with pictures of the players, and that is THE man united calendar.

    If the cost was lower, I think it would be a better idea, but thats just me.
  5. rossnorthernunion

    rossnorthernunion Senior Member

    As i'm not a supporter of any of those clubs I wouldn't be buying one...

    Has it got no swear word filter on it? Then again its worth it - the fun you can have with it!

    Nice idea - just not sure if the final application is there for my likening.
  6. davewill

    davewill Senior Member

    thanks guys, mrp, i see where you are coming from but these calendars are THE official calendar of the club, just a personalised alternative, so you can now buy the official LFC calendar for ?8 or the official LFC personalised calendar for ?15. i guess it depends on who u are buying it for and why, but i do appreciate your feedback!
  7. mrp2049

    mrp2049 Senior Member

    fair enough good sir, perhaps if I liked football this would seem alot cooler!

    if you can photoshop my head into an ultimate warrior calendar, you have got my money!
  8. Mohammad

    Mohammad Guest

    Man Utd what about you??
  9. davewill

    davewill Senior Member

    ah mo, i feel for you, im a liverpool supporter, but the fact ive worked on a liverpool calendar is just coincidence! (for those interested, a liverpool planner and a fulham planner have both just been added to the site and are available from today)
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  10. Tom Sound

    Tom Sound Active Member

    I really like the idea Dave and the artworks you've put together, it's like all these Moonpig cards and things, people love the personalised touch and will spend that extra few quid if you ask me.

    As for football, I'm not a big fan, unless Alan Partridge is commentating..


  11. Tom Sound

    Tom Sound Active Member

    Just showed my colleague and he's going to order one for his mate, as a mickey take though as he just sent me this.....


  12. davewill

    davewill Senior Member

    thanks tom! the products are coming thick and fast now, everton fc planner and calendars have just been added to the site and man city is coming next week!
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  13. tbwcf

    tbwcf Active Member

    Hi Dave, sorry I'm late commenting I saw this earlier in the week but been busy! We've done very similar things at work for one or two football clubs but the calendars were done and given to season ticket holders. We've done personalised microsites and images to download too!

    Are the names in the flash file just for representation / previewing online as they look like they need improving (could be more realistic) for the printed version?

    Doing this sort of thing is quiet a technical job! we're you just involved on the design side or did you get your hands dirty with the personalisation too?

    I'd be interested to know what you used for it, if we're both using the same kit or there's other things out there but that's a conversation for pm.

    Personally I think £15 is pretty dear but then I guess its a niche product. It probably could be more competitive though.... and I'm not a football fan so wouldn't really be into it anyway...

    I think the website could do with Jazzing up if I'm honest but it does the job...

    You can see some of our stuff at (purposely not a link)
  14. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    Hay dude your sites out in 7, also couldn't you add a feature to preview the name they want adding?
    Do you have a letter count?
    What if the name runs off the image?
  15. tbwcf

    tbwcf Active Member

    In theory when the calendar is produced it should have 'flex' so if the name is too long then kerning can tighten and font sizes shrink slightly. Some names are still going to look a little odd though.

    I'm guessing the flash version is just for a preview online and the real thing is produced differently?
  16. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    Yeah that's what I meant, does it or it is something small they have overlooked. :)
    My dumbass way of writing user centred questions, hay, lol.
  17. davewill

    davewill Senior Member

    hey guys, havent been online over the weekend so just seen your comments. i only worked on the design side of things so im not up to speed with how the personalisation was made possible, it does seem like a fairly straight forward process from the bits and bobs Ive seen people working on. As for the name running off the image, that cant happen, there is a letter count of 11 characters for the first name and 11 characters for the surname. If the name is particularly large then the software will make slight kerning adjustments to allow for this.

    In answer to tbwcf's question, yeh the real thing is produced differently from the flash version, but hopefully the flash version gives the user an idea of how it might look. Obviously tho there are limitations to flash so it doesnt quite give the same effect!

    Is the site still out in 7 jazajay? are u using a mac or pc?
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  18. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    Am I using Mac?
    Ha I'm not some trendy creative designer, I'm a geek so it's PC for me. :(


    Err....guess so fella. :)
  19. davewill

    davewill Senior Member

    sorry to sound dumb jazajay, but with not being a webby guy, im not sure what 'content over wrapper' means! could you explain it in laymans terms? thanks!
  20. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    Well a wrapper is in laymens terms is an element I would use to pretty much wrap the main content in, then centre it and then apply a background to, in this case the grey glow on your site.

    The content, other ppl might call it main i would personally call it w2 or w3, is the bit inside the wrapper in simple terms that contains the content, I imagine some other ppl might come up with another description and I could but that should explain it in the most simplest form, if not let me know.

    As you see in your page in the screen shot I posted above the content is across the wrapper. Giving your content a margin-left of say 50-100px in IE should sort it, but I would fix that.

    Just changed the image, if you don't see any changes just refresh the page (F5 on PC) :)

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