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Personal Identity

The colours are refreshing and the font is clean, but it's important not to take it out of context, What kind of Freelancer service do you offer? Logos? Websites? Photography? - These can affect what direction your logo/identity can take.
Levi said:
keep looking and thinking the i's need the dot above the line... it just looks odd
I agree with what your saying but then the i next to the k would clash as its to close.

Can you change your name?

It does look a bit like a green energy company.
I wouldn't say its the name looking like green energy - but the flower/star-thingy and the color scheme does get your mind to associate with green energy :)

I like the overall concept, but colors need to be different as you associate them with green energy (at least I do if that's worth noting :) ) - The i's need a dot.

TL;DR? Here's a quick summary: Colors associate with green energy, i's need dots above them, love the general concept :p