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Personal branding


Active Member
Hi, thanks for sharing.

Do you want us to give you some feedback? or are you happy with the brand?

Here are my thoughts

I like the idea, but it not legible when at its min size. the curve on the P would disappear. Logo's should be bold and easy to read and understand at all sizes.

The brand itself to me feels more like a sports brand with the direction and colour choices.


Staff member
comments.... it's on behance

If I'm being totally honest, you could have at least put the images here.

Also your logo is very familiar looking but can't think where from.

In my opinion you should have used golden ratio not circles for your curves, it would have suited the design better. The line weight is also too thin on the 'swoop' at the end because it vanishes at small sizes. Also if it was supposed to be '3D' the perspective is off quite a bit with the swoop.