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personal branding help


Junior Member
i need help branding myself i dont know whether to use my name or come up with something else.
my name is not really the most attractive name.
can anybody point me in the right direction.

thanks ,stephen cunningham


Senior Member
you could play on the word cunning? maybe not something as obvious as cunning creative or cunning design, but im sure theres something you could come up with!

Tom Sound

Active Member
allyally2k said:
He could put on a French accent when he answered the phone, only wear stripes to work and have garlic scented business cards?

Good skills Ally, right, close the thread zis is perfect!


Duncan Y.

Senior Member
I guess the forum definitely needs a blog. The first post and i bet the most hits would be '10 most successful self-branding tips'! :D jk
Personally I would either make a play on your name or just use your name. The reason I say this, is because if it is just you, you need to relate to yourself and there is no better way than using your name.