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Perfect Image - Image consultation

Hello. I have current got a client brief to design a logo for a Image Consultation company called 'Perfect Image'. They offer a Gok Wan style make over.

They want a sophisticated, stylish logo.

Here are the ideas I have so far, using a butterfly and a humming bird(perhaps too obvious?)

I am not too sure about the scale and the arrangement of the imagery in comparison to the typography. Has it been done before and should be re thought out?
Thank you in advance.
I like the top one in as much as the hummingbird's shape fits nicely around the curve of the 'I' - for me, that cancels out any concerns you might have about the scale and so on, I think it works.

I also think the font and the image together looks stylish enough as described, I really like it.


New Member
Top one does it for me, looks really nice man. As already said, the hummingbird works well and compliments the curves of the type 'perfect image'. However, that said, can you give us a bit of insight into the thought process here, as I'm curious as to what connects a hummingbird or a butterfly to stylists? Also last thought, I don't know if you need the line either, might be worth doing a variation without it.


Junior Member
orefer the first one, It's meant to be a silohete and sillohettes work best in black :) But yeah, The works well with the idea your going for. Just a suggestion,you could trymake the spacing in between the letters larger and make it in line with the text above it?