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Pepsi vs Coca-Cola! And one epic comeback!

Hello -
I had to share this. Many may have seen it already. Pepsi, very cleverly came up with a cheeky concept for Halloween. What they didn't expect, was that their rival would make an epic unofficial comeback. This is one of the best things I've seen in terms of cheeky advertising lately :)


Arianna said:
I didn't get what you want to show and what you are expecting from us. Please make it clear :)
It's fairly simple really. I saw it. I liked it. I shared it on here. :) I'm not expecting anyone to say or do anything about the original post.
Yeh iDesign, i thought it was clever and amusing.
I love how Arianna is constantly posting poor, spammy patronising topics 'about design' to designers and you post something interesting and relevant and get told to 'make it clear'!
Thanks Sean & floriographic :)
Funny enough, I got an email through the other day. And what did it say?... One way to boost your SEO is to sign up to as many forums relevant to your industry as possible. I assume however, that the idea is to be subtle about the links you post and also include yourself in proper conversation on the forum in question. Something which is not being exercised here it seems.
Anyway - glad you found it as interesting as I. Merry Christmas! (or merry something else if Christmas isn't your thing :))
No there certainly isn't subtlety being practised here! Getting a bit bored of reading posts that are only for the posters benefit!

Merry Christmas to you too, hope Santa brings what you're hoping for!