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People Per Hour



I signed up to, did some research into these type of sites and had a good look through PPH. I decided not to bother in the end. Low pricing and such high competition put me off, I just don't believe you'd stand much of a chance on there when you've got people on there, clearly not a single person, applying for every single job. Normally that wouldn't phase me but as they have their own system for dealing with ratings and how reliable people are etc, it just feels like you won't get any good jobs with other people applying.


Junior Member
Yeah, I signed up a couple of months back, and was a tad concerned at how low some of the prices were. I've always been highly tentative to join these but I thought what the hell, but I wouldn't bother to be honest.
yeah i was told to join and i did do last week but i decided against it. I was looking on it today and decided to leave it. the prices are very cheap.
i seen a logo design and website design layouts- willing to pay £50 madness

Tony Hardy

I'd put People Per Hour in the same boat as crowdsourcing. It's a horrendous website and practice.
I've had a couple of small jobs through PPH. However I demanded that the price be increased. Some are just an insult. They want you to do the job but for peanuts. Like I say check the money first have a word with the client.
Be carefull.


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Odesk is a similar thing, and it's just the same. "I need a 32 page comic done urgently for £50" haha aye right!
I applied to a couple of jobs on PPH which I didn't get. One was a lot of design work which simply wouldnt be worth me doing for the price. I left my profile on there and forgot about it, then an MD of a £million+ turnover company found me on there and got in touch who happend to be local to me! We had a meeting to discuss work. Unfortunatly nothing ever came of it - but still a contact I could potentially get work out of - I just need to be more proactive with keeping in touch. I think its good to have some presence on there but I would think twice about spending any serious time coming up with any lengthy job proposals etc just because of the fierce competition. Its better than spec sites as it seems to be more aimed at showing your credentials and putting together a job proposal rather than actually doing the work in advance (although guess some people could use it that way) only with a chance of getting picked.
I've also used skillpages and got a few small jobs on there. Those clients then recommended me to their contacts so in turn I got bigger projects sent my way. Its all good. PPH and skill pages are not the same as spec work sites if you use them right. Don't spend ages writing to clients as they often wont get back to you. Just get a strong portfolio on there and write to any job advert you could realistically do and you will get some response. Its about building relationships with people which could widen your client base. You'll just need to identify the people who want something for nothing and look past them..!
Agree with Rich in so much as there are a few jobs on there that would be worthwhile (albeit only 'a few'). As said, if you can overlook the majority of jobs that aren't worth your time then you can find a few to send a quick proposal through to.
Doesn't hurt to spend a few minutes having a look in downtime.