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Pencil case questionnaire

The Pencil case should be light weight as no one wants to carry around a heavy pencil case and then fill it with pens and pencils. Next the pencil case should have room on the outside for maybe a design or image. If your not the designing kind of person use that room to maybe add a pouch or zip just to use the room and not make it look boring. Second the pencil case should be able to have enough room for a lot of equipment such as scisscors, glue, lots of pens/pencils and rulers. The pencil case should be long enough to hold at least a 15cm ruler. lastly It should be easy to access andf reach in and grab whatever you want.

Good Luck
You're not very likely to get responses to any sort of questionnaire if you post a spammy link. Also: The form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organisation.