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PDF files showing grey instead of black when exported?

Hi I have created some designs on photoshop and when I have exported them as either jpegs or pdfs the background is really hazy and all colours have gone to a tint.

For example, the black now shows as grey. It is fine on screen but when flattened looks really cheap and lacking a lot of its colour..

Does anyone know why and can help resolve this issue?
I'm not nope, I set the artwork up as CMYK and have been working on that. I have sent the file back and fourth to the client and this time when I tried to export it has done it....


Senior Member
I'm afraid I don't know. I had a similar problem not so long ago when Photoshop displayed project with a strange tint, when I exported the files however, they look fine. So if these are the pdf's we are talking about then I am stumped.