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PDF conversion advice please!!

I'm after advice about software I can use to convert my pdf's into (I'm embarrassed to say) word documents!! I produce a lot of e-brochures for one of my clients, and I think in an effort to keep their costs down, they're after me supplying a template that they can then add the relevant text into. I work in illustrator, and normally supply pdf's for the client to e-mail. I've come across several software packages that claim to be able to accurately convert pdf's to various file formats (.ppt would also be useful as well as .doc). I tested some last night and the results were awful. Has anyone any experience of this and or any packages they could recommend? Thanks
I wouldn't try it. What I would do is export the template graphics and then make them header/footers in Word and then put text boxes where the copy should go.

My client had me to that and then ended up having me do all the edits to my original and never used the Word doc.


Staff member
depending on the type of work you can make a client editable pdf ie for doing invoices etc, it doesn't have formula's as far as I know (haven't used it for a while) but you can add set all the boxes etc