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Payment feedback


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Hay I just got contacted by a mate, a very close mate 1 of the 3 best men at my wedding kinda close, hence why I'm having a problem with working out a price.

He wants a full business e-commerce site, log in first, CMS, admin etc...

He would prefer a non, as he puts it, out-of-the-box solution, Zen cart, OsCommerce etc... which is good as I refuse to code with them under the fact they lack decent security in my eyes.

Time to completion: 4 weeks.

Haven't said I will take it on yet working with mates is one way to lose them IMO, but he wants a price, so I said I would get back to him once I have decided if I want to do it or not.

So I was wondering if you could code it what you would charge a similar mate to you, or if you would do it?

Mmm.....dilemma as I know he has got a new baby on the way, all ready got one, and he recently came to the end of his temp contract with Panasonic. His other half is currently the only one working as well, but he has a business partner who will help fund it and run it. :(



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Why not ask him in honesty if he is after a mates rate on this or asking you because he knows you will do an amazing job.

I realise this may seem cut throat, but I'm sure he'd understand that working at reduced rates is not good for either of you. HOWEVER knocking a bit off isn't going to hurt as long as it is all professional (I'd personally see this as something to do after a price is agreed on - that way it's more of a favour rather than cheap work)