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pay pal buttons in css


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i am trying to put paypal buttons into my website, here are my questions,

1.where do i get them from and make them link up so that they go to the right place, i.e one is a link to pay 25, the other 50, how do i make it so they go to pay the right paypal account and also the right amount?? im redesigning a page that already has the paypal buttons all linked up, how do i get them??!!!

2.i want them to be in my contents section, inline with the text as if they were part of the text, is that possible? im working in dreamweaver and when i try to space the type out, either with space bar or with the tab key it wont?? so i cant move the text to the right so that i have room to put the buttons in? i hope this makes some sense, infact i will take a snap of how i want it!

3.i have set a style so that all the paragraphs sit in the same place, but this one i want to move, so do i have to set another style for it? if so how?

truly apriciate any help anyone can give me,






you could probably set up some sort of shopping cart instead of having singular paynow buttons... Are you running your site in any CMS or anything like that? :)


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Hi Zak,
The paypal buttons are all done on via paypal I think, not used them before but this might help Buy Now Buttons - PayPal
Sounds like you might need to "float" them left?
For the paragraph give it a class and change the css as you need <p class="yourClass">your para</p> then in you css .yourClass {put stuff here}

Hope that helps, maybe post a link to the site if its live too, it might make any more help easier to give.


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cheers, tbwcf, that worked perfect for the paragraph bit, thanks again!

the site that is up already is run through joomla i believe, it is jillybentley.com i have been asked to just revamp it and modernise it, i decided to go down the css route after looking at some tuts. plus i hadent done anything like that before, not that i have done much web design before! im not sure how the old one was made?

im not sure adding a shopping cart would be the best option, there is only the 4 different items? i think a shopping cart may complicate things, i dunno i could be wrong! would the cart go through the cms? also would that mean people had more payment options? can i even use css on joomla? seem to keep finding more and more things to overcome!



You could generate PayPal buttons yourself using a simple PHP class. All a PayPal button is, is a form with the submit button set as an image. You simply provide PayPal with various pieces of information such as product name, description, price, any shipping etc. As a result, you can also use your own images.

Do drop me a message if you would like more information on establishing custom PayPal buttons and I'll send you over the PHP class that I use to generate them.