Passenger Transport Logo


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Hi Everybody,

I'm looking at developing the image mark to go with the existing wordmark. promotes all modes of sustainable transport in Suffolk and has been around since 2004 as a brand. I've created some ideas, please could you let me know any constructive criticism of these designs.

Many thanks.

2018-11-29 Logo Concepts-01.png


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To be honest, I'd say you need to fix the wordmark before worrying over the image to go with it...the choice of font for '' is really hard to read quickly. Admittedly the colour choice isn't exactly helping there but the font is the main issue.


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I agree with Levi, it's the lettering they need to change. More legible and friendly fonts, Suffolk Sustainable etc in caps and lose the .com.

That said, I quite like 3,7,8.


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What’s wrong with the existing logo? Looks fine to me.

Except putting .com at the end is a bit daft when used on a website.