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Partitions and OS's


Senior Member
Is anyone running more than one OS on their machine?

I've had a thought about an experiment involving free/opensource software, and was wondering if anyone was running linux/ubuntu on their mac?

Or if you where running it on any of your machines?


I used to. not any more. My poor little Mac is a bit rubbish and was struggling so I reinstalled everything about 8 months ago ish.

If you have a good Mac then it will be able to handle it better.

The real question is why do you want to install it?


Senior Member
i was running a lion partition before it was golden master, and have parallels (unfortunately) running windows 7 (ew).

i may theoretically be able to help, sir?


Senior Member
I don't think I want a permanent partition, it's more of a screwy scheme that I want to try and do....

I've been arguing with a friend about free software and I would love to set up a computer with nothing but free software and see how far I can get. I reckon pretty far! It would be a better argument if I start my computer with a working example.


Senior Member
you don't have to have a permanent partition.

disk utility (spotlight it) lets you partition your drive but restore it at any time.

if you want a totally separate machine just grab a netbook with windows 7 on and wipe it away. i say windows 7, as i believe they have a utility that lets you do what disk utility on mac does.

levi may correct me if I'm wrong. sure you can get software on any windows machine to do it.


Staff member
windows 7 is pretty easy to run 2 os's on IF you install from scratch, I used to do win xp and win vista/7. Just install linux first, then win vista/7 and it should set it all up for you. If you've already got windows installed it's a little more complicated.

Most linux distro's usually come with built in software to allow for dual operating systems, 99.9% certain ubuntu does,

If you're adding a second windows os (think xp and win 7 like I did) and you've already got win 7 installed you can get a windows program called easybcd that can change or add the boot loader when loading. You need to install the second windows os first. This should work with a linux partition too but I've never tried it and you may have issues getting into the windows os.

If you just need to partition a drive, you can do it in windows by going to 'administrative tools' and then finding 'computer management' (you can just type this at start in win 7/vista). Once there click on 'storage' followed by 'disk management' and then select the drive you want to partition.

You've got the option of full partition for a fully clean drive with nothing on it or if you need to shrink a partition you can select shrink (extend if you want larger).

Note: I have not tried the shrink/extend so don't blame me if this messes up - it shouldn't but you never know.