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Paper sample books

I have a very nice GF Smith paper sample book and want to get more samples from other paper mills.

I know they're pretty hard to come by; short of begging the mills themselves where would you guys suggest I find these?
You shouldn't have to beg for them I've always just emailed them mentioning I'm a designer and they've sent sample books. Other than GF Smith, Arjo Wiggins do some great papers and sample books as do Fedrigoni. Also for print finishing sample books it's worth looking up Celloglas.
Hi Russell - yeah I phoned a few yesterday and had a bit of success. I have always used workplace books and heard other designers say it's hard to get them sent out unless you're an established company (which I'm not). Not true though.

Thanks for the tips, will check out Fedrigoni and Celloglas.
Just had a visit from a GF Smith salesman who has left me with an awful amount of beautiful samples, featuring stochastic printing, latex coated papers, hand stitching, foiling, duo and tritone printed on coloured stock, embossing, french folding, triplex colorplan sandwiches, tissue-lined envelopes, cotton papers, letterpress...

So much to look at, in fact, that I feel a bit queasy.
I have to say GF Smith do produce some lovely sample books! And the paper isn't too shabby either. Commercially, they are very expensive though!

For commercial printing, I would recommend Howard Smith and Antalis.
Lee can you fire me a pm with the details for that paper salesman at GF? Looking for some 'out-there' stock samples for a couple of upcoming projects!