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Pantone Metallic colours


Has anyone any experience using the Pantone Metallic coated colours?

I just got the swatch book and the colours look great but will the majority of printers print these metallic colours (as it looks like they are a combination of 2 or 3 pantone colours)?

It would be good to use these colours in printed items but I wonder how good the match will be and if many printers will do them without charging a fortune of say qty's of 1000?

Pantone metallics are great, and used in the correct manner will look stunning (if you use a great print supplier like us!). The cost can be slighly higher than standard colours. Suggestions for the best use include.... Use a coated board, always insist on a sealer varnish if using solid areas (to avoid rubbing), always allow a day or two extra (again for drying). Make sure you tell your printer your intended colours - i.e. if you say "printed 2 colours" your will get a different price from "printed in 1 metallic plus black" - you dont want any nasty surprises when placing the order. Not enough people use metallics - so you can stand out from the crowd!

Also worth remembering - cannot be achieved out of CMYK - but most printers have 5+ units so can add as a special.
Hello Steve

Thanks for the reply.
Very useful.

Yes I would be interested in a quote for some leaflets/cards from you using one metallic pantone colour (for another business of mine) - can you get in touch please about this via this site or via my site Website design, ecommerce design, graphic design - Poppy Design & Graphics, Aboyne Aberdeenshire Scotland UK

Also your website has strange coding on it all over i.e ##pidorpidor## so you may want to fix that asap.

Many thanks

How bizarre - will get it checked out!

I, or one of my team will be in touch.
Metallics do make a big impact, as can metallic board also.

Last year I designed an invite for glizzy 'oscar' style event where I used gold metallic board and printed one colour black on to it. It worked very well (IMO:icon_smile:).