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Pantone Colours

Hi everyone,

I was looking at some brand guidelines the other day and the Pantone colours used for each brand.

When picking a colour for your brand, do you start with the Pantone Book to find the colour you want? If this is correct and you find the colour you want, how should you go about getting the closest RGB?

I'm new to using them from scratch. I've only ever had to reference things.




Staff member
pantone had/have a 'conversion' for iirc hex, cmyk and rgb on some of their swatches (pretty sure they sold ANOTHER 'book' for it at one stage too).... or if you're like any good savvy internet user you could just use something like http://rgb.to/ and save yourself a small fortune :)

There's also some apps for phones/tablets etc iirc

edit: yeah pantone still do the 'conversion' swatch thing, it's called color bridge... yeah it's not cheap like usual lol