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pantone colour samples


Junior Member
Im just starting doing some freelance work post degree and I think I need to invest in Pantone colour charts. I've narrowed it down to the colour bridge system - this seems right for me.

My question is that I was going to get the coated set, but I'm unsure as to whether to get the uncoated set as well. Obviously its almost twice the price, so if coated would do for now that would be great. Just thought I'd see what you experienced people thought??
There is almost no difference between the coated and uncoated books. What print will you be having made most really?

Flyers, leaflets, brochures, business cards etc are all on coated stocks

Letterheads and Comp slips are on uncoated
Agree with Alex BUT... I'm a Pantone reseller, and Pantone don't sell the normal Pantone colour guide as separates (coated/uncoated)

But they do sell the colour bridge with that choice.

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These days, we advise designers wanting to invest a little in a Pantone book, take the Colour Bridge option.

" These set of guides, shows a wide selection of Pantone colours, lined up next to the CMYK version of the colour (a sort of 'best match'. A designers 'must have' when trying to explain to client, why a spot colour within a brand will never match when they have something printed in full colour CMYK (a great tool to convert the stubborn 'I like that colour blue' client over to a CMYK full colour version. "


Jim ;)
Yea we have the colour bridge book too, very handy! Some of the pantones next to the CMYK are spot on the same, tho some colours are very different. But its also helpful for setting up artwork as it has the CMYK, RGB and HTML colour seperations too.