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OurStuff Magazine to show off your work for free

Ok guys. i'm creating an online pdf mag,

it's called outstuff (logo and name will be revised if this kicks off)

it's basically an online mag for people to show off their work and get free exposure.

It isn't really about being the best at what you do but enjoying what you do and getting it seen by the public.

its FUN.

The first issue is the baby one with about 10-14 artists. designers, writers and photographers (that let me down). Issue 1's theme is based on the word tribal.

I will be posting the download link onto my blog and on here if i'm aloud, for all to have a look.

All contributors will be given the link too to post where they can. So the more people that join in on this, the more links that go out and the more work there is to be seen.

if you want to be a part of the next issue to make it bigger and badder just let me know in this thread and we can get your work seen.


Senior Member
Count me in for the coming months! Just hope the topic is more something Im interest in/have previously done work under...

Can we submit websites?
websites, yea. The current format is temporary, if this issue/idea gains enough interest, a lot more consideration will be goin into each contributor.

ie maybe a small bio and a pic etc.

Also download and give back some criticism, always helps

if you guys could leave your email addys i can add you to the list.

Plus prob best if this thread was carried over to here