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OSX Lion getting it on the 20th?


Senior Member
you can't skip snow leopard, you have to have 10.6.7 to upgrade (as it's through the mac app store).

although saying that i'm sure there's a torrent up already.

and yes typo i get scared, i have 3 back up drives!


Senior Member
Think Im gonna go for it, just hope it works with CS5 okay.

Although I'll have to wait until saturday as i am approaching my 10GB monthly limit!


Well-Known Member
What are the major upgrades with Lion? And now that they've used the King of the Jungle, will they move on from cats? I may wait for Mac OS 10.8 Cyote, lol.
I was tempted to upgrade, but then I saw that i'd have to upgrade to Snow Leopard first. Then I saw this. If i do upgrade some of my shiny new CS5 kit that i'm currently learning will all go tits up, and even though it's only, what, about 18 months old, Adobe won't be making any updates to make it compatible.:mad: