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Opinions on this?


Staff member
grammar/spell check
you're not exactly selling yourself or instilling a client with confidence
90% certain the adobe logo's are copyrighted - the white also blends with the adobe on the dreamweaver side
glow behind the web design is making it hard to read
the menu at the top looks like it's an after thought, it seems to have no integration into the design
The colours clash
why would you link to a competitor, having said that the homepage doesn't load on their page.

Sorry if this seems harsh but I'm only saying it as I see it, web design is arguably the harshest design environment at present as any tom dick or harry can 'have a go', you really need your own site to be top notch.


Senior Member
destroy and start again.

take the good elements from it tho (eg, a good structure) and start again and again. eventually you'll be able to take all the positives and form a super site.

and learn how to sell yourself.

just read your paragraphs. does it sound like you're there to give the customer a solution you think they need?