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Opinions appreciated on new site

Hello all

Just wanted to ask opinions on our new site, Magna House ... optimising it for all screen sizes has been a bit of a nightmare, but I think it's all there now.

Any comments much appreciated!



Magna House
All the info at the bottom is cut in half with me. Also, the first thing I looked at when opening the page was the right hand side, that has all the equations. Not sure if that's what you're aiming for.

Also, there's a big space in the upper left of the webpage, it looks as if the 'What we do' section has been forced down to the bottom left - which covers the info in the bottom banner.

Hope this helps.
Hi guys,

Thanks a lot for your comments, appreciated.

Just wondering if you could send some screenshots? I've tried the site on so many combinations of browser/resolution, and never seen such problems...

Would be most helpful. Also if you could say what browser/rez combo you're using, that would also be great