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Online publishing

Hello all,

I wondered if anyone had experience of using websites such as Issuu.com, Yudu.com or any other to upload magazines/documents/reports for public viewing?

Any recommendations particularly based on user-friendliness, i.e. the general public interacting with the service, would be appreciated.

I use issu.com a lot. I do a magazine for one of my clients and used it on my own portfolio site. The client liked it too and set up their own account, so it must be easy to set up! I've not tried experimenting with designing my own backgrounds but I know that's an option. It is really easy to upload fully functioning thumbnails to blogs and websites too (If the viewer clicks on the thumbnail takes them straight to full screen) so I'd recommend it.
Thanks Russell, the simplicity and usability of issu.com strike me as being very good.

Do you have an account with them? I gather that maybe needed if you have a certain amount of traffic to your user area...
I do have an account but it's just the free one. I'm not sure what the traffic limits are for the free account but I know a couple of lifestyle mags that have a high readership and run on the free account. Just means you get a side bar with related issuu publications on the viewer.

I'd recommend everyone signing up for the free account even if you don't want to publish anything as there are loads of portfolios and inspiration stuff on there you can bookmark and add to your 'bookshelf'.

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