Online Proofing and job tracking software


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Hi Everyone,

I run a custom clothing business and looking for advice on any software that other people reccomend that has online artwork proofing and approval plus job production tracking in built. We currently have just a basic custom plugin on our website but its a bit clunky and not very efficient.

Has anyone used some good programs that do this?




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Yeah I think so, it looks pretty good, do you use it? Can customer sign & approve the artwork on it? or is it just comments?


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I use Proof HQ - it's quite good. You upload your PDF to the system, give them access to the PDF - so it's all secure. They can then mark up the pdf with comments. It's all done live in the online app - so you can make a comment and it would send an email directly, and the person and reply directly to your comment in real time.

It's very easy to use and setup - and it's clever as it keeps you in real time with your client for making any changes.

It doesn't have production tracking though. But it has an approval system - you can set yourself up as a reviewer, and your client up as the decider, and once the client makes a decision that it's signed off you get an email immediately to say it's signed off.

Actually Proof HQ is only a small part of what they offer - there's more to it called WorkFront - but I've never really looked into it.