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Online Portfolio Critique

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by Kjill2121, Feb 5, 2016.


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  1. Kjill2121

    Kjill2121 New Member

    1st, excuse my English, I'm not a native speaker.

    Hi, I have no formal education in Graphic Design...but I do have a BS in Information Technology. I am a recent graduate and I want to be a Graphic that even possible? I do web design, and I know how to code and work with other developers. But I want to be a graphic designer not just a web designer...web design is limited...I want to work with other designs. I have background in object-oriented programming but I'm not happy. I'm not enjoying it. Back in junior year, I knew I won't be happy with programming so I moved to web dev/design...It's fine but I also want to work with logos, prints, etc. In short, MORE ART.

    I'm planning to apply for a graphic design internship but I'm scared that my portfolio is laughable to the employer. I want to learn through taking internship but I'm intimidated by real designers.:( Like I said, I'm clueless...I think? I don't even know what those people with Graphic Design degree learned in university!

    For me, a good GD has the willingness to learn, open-minded and someone who is aware that design is a form of artistic communication.

    To give you an idea, I am naturally artistic, I love art. I want to combine my tech skills with my art skills. I work on both traditional and digital art media...I also do freelance makeup. most of my traditional works are portraits in different media. I'll attach a few.

    My website is under construction and by far, I have only included my digital works on the site...and I don't think my traditional artworks would even matter to an employer lol. So you think I should not put it there?

    Anyway, all I want is a critique of my digital works(graphic designs). I'm not sure if I'm on the right path. I only posted my best personal works and commissioned works. I think I do okay but I'm afraid that my works are tad bit mediocre compared to individuals with degrees in Graphic Design. I've looked on Behance and Dribbble and theirs are waaaaay different than mine! They have this modern look and feel.

    By the way, I don't like those shirt designs but I included them there because those are the designs chosen by my previous clients. Yeah, visual design is subjective, they liked it and I don't know why.

    Don't critique the website, just the contents, since I'm not finished with the site yet.
    My site is

    Also, here are few samples of my paintings, drawing and makeup..might give you an idea if I'm better suited in other ART-related field other than graphic design(if it's not for me :) ) pls don't say makeup artist...I need tech.
    IMG_20150514_163232.jpg IMG_20150629_140510.jpg rps20160205_174236.jpg rps20160205_174309.jpg rps20160205_174340.jpg IMG_20150628_213732.jpg IMG_20150613_013458.jpg

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  2. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Hi, I think your work has potential. It's not at a polished professional level yet, which I don't think anyone that was hiring an intern would expect. Just apply, apply, apply, the worst they can say is no, but don't give up, just try more.

    I did notice some of the work seems to rely on trends and visual styles in places though. For example, your 'Gecko' logo features a ribbon effect, which doesn't make sense to me in this context (how does the ribbon relate to the name of the company, or what it does?).

    I'd try and avoid gimmicks and refrain from copying styles like this where possible. These trends come and go and as a result the work will look dated a lot sooner than it should. Solid, single-colour logomarks that include a clever idea will always be in fashion.
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  3. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    ok first off a little disclaimer.... I don't mean to come across rude so apologies if it does sound that way.

    I'll do each section separately.

    Logos & Symbols

    While not exactly bad there's nothing really stand out or original about these. I'd put these at about the level of the usual stuff put out on crowdsourcing sites from people that 'have photoshop'. I'm betting you did most of the designs in photoshop rather than illustrator too which is the 'better approach' to this type of work.

    Print Design
    Very similar to a lot of the 'free templates' out there, again nothing particuarly special but with further direction you could likely produce most things given to you. I do have reservations over how creative you could be in your own rights though.

    Typographic Posters
    Some legibility and layout issues to me

    Web Design
    Looks like just one design and to be honest it looks like 90% of the 'responsive templates' out there.

    T-shirt Design
    Not really an area I have a lot to do with but I'm pretty sure you'd have issues with printing these designs.

    Photo Manipulation
    Yeah these are not good, just ditch that section completely because they really scream 'my first go with photoshop' to me. If you're going to do this area of work you really need to be good and I mean good.

    Photo Retouching
    There's a point where you can have too much airbrushing and you've done that on the full face image.

    Digital Painting
    Not sure how these are being done, ie mouse or graphics tablet, but they don't seem to have the same finesse and nuances that some of your art work linked is showing.

    As to whether you're right for an internship... if I'm honest I'm not sure, I would say a basics course at a college or similar would do you the world of good if nothing more than expanding the way in which your creative mind works and understanding things like layout, kerning and other fundamentals of design.

    The reason for the suggestion of a course is pretty simple, there is a huge number of people fighting for their place in the graphic design world, so there are going to be some seriously talented people out there going for the same place you are and although you may have potential I still feel you could do with improving a little more.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2016
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  4. Wardy

    Wardy Well-Known Member

    As Paul and Levi imply, it all shows potential, including the art, but I can see you're not sure which route to go. There's too much
    diversity there, and not enough really good work. Pare it down a bit. It's quite ok to keep the categories to Design and Illustration, if that's what you
    aspire to. MHAC is a bit of a mouthful, you have a lovely name, don't be afraid to use it (your English is excellent btw)!

    Try for some internships by all means, but I think you would be better off doing something like a one year general/foundation course (if they
    still do them!) in Art and Design to see which route you want to pursue.
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  5. Kjill2121

    Kjill2121 New Member

    Thanks for feedback/critique!
    Yes! Finally someone pointed that one out! Thanks. Yup, the Gecko one ... it was a random idea...just trying out the ribbon effect. Yep, I knew that the effect doesn't make sense...doesn't match the name...And thank you for validating that. Now, I will be willing to make changes with that logo.

    Well, I love the feedback but actually got scared to apply for an internship after that ...specially being new in this foreign country.

    Btw, if I just apply, send my resume and link to portfolio, employers would not waste time to contact me if they don't like what they see, right? In that case, I wouldn't be too embarrassed to show some(old & new) when someone called for an interview? As that mean they already saw my previous works... (I hope you understand that question, though the grammar is kind of whacked)
  6. Kjill2121

    Kjill2121 New Member

    Thanks for the feedback, critique and suggestion. Actually those logos were done in AI and just added the backdrops in PS. Only the 'Diversity' was done in PS back in 2011 for a messenger java app. Yep, the logo is bad.

    Typographic Posters, yeah, I agree with you big time on that. I'm still learning on this particular area and I'm actually still confused.

    Web Design...not sure what you mean by "look the same" the content layouts are totally different for each devices but for aesthetics, the color and theme stayed the same since we were taught in university that design responsiveness should not be about changing the overall design aesthetic of the website, but for viewing/ux purposes. But if you are saying that those thumbs look the same, well it is the same company website.
    What about this one? It's a web design for a corporate travel agency.

    T-shirt design...surprisingly, there were no issues encountered in printing these designs, the shirts look exactly the same with the mockups...but I really don't like the designs at all lol. And I probably will not work with shirts in the future, so you think I better leave this category out even these are commissioned works?

    photo retouching. Yep, and that full-face image was my very first PS retouching back in 2011...I have not worked much on this area since it leans more towards photography...but I had a recent work and can you tell me if there is an improvement?

    Photo manipulation. Yup, these are done after taking a short course in basic Adobe PS back in 2011 and actually haven't done much after that. Thanks for that feedback.

    Digital painting. These were done between 2009-2011 with mouse/touch pad in an online Java drawing tool site. I honestly have no idea how to draw with PS. Recently, I used Autodesk but they have the same look with those old works.

    Over the years, I concentrated on doing traditional artworks which I think was a big mistake after reading these feedbacks. Wow, this is tough! Looks like I'm better off doing IT works, which I have more indept training, and just probably save up for graphic design courses in the future...well this is sad but thanks! Your thorough evaluation helps! :)
  7. KingShylo

    KingShylo New Member

    Firstly, after looking through your art samples that where attached, I was very impressed! You obviously have a natural talent for art. With this being said (and others pointing out too) your graphic design work is slipping into a generic trap that could hinder the interpretation of your portfolio.

    The work there does show you understand layout and type, but to what length? My advice would be to discover more into what can be done and the rules of design. Once you understand the core fundamentals then you can break them successfully. Combine this with your artistic flare and you’re off to a winner!

    But overall a strong start!

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