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Online order system - message deleted


I posted a message regarding the set up of an online shop but it seems to have been deleted.

Just making sure I haven't broken any laws as I need someone to help with this project.


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Well it's frowned upon to just waltz in, ask for stuff, and leave again without giving back to the community. It usually helps to introduce yourself and share your own insight on some other topics.

I didn't see the original topic, but when you say online shop, I think of:
Magento - Home - eCommerce Software for Growth
Big Cartel - Simple shopping cart for artists, designers, bands, record labels, jewelry, crafters
Shopify — Create Your Online Store
Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies

Or make your own webshop with PHP and MySql.
I haven't been on here long enough to 'give back' to be honest. I was offering someone an opportunity to help set up a online ordering system for a client as I can only do the basics with a bolt on format.

I have only recently found this forum and thought It seemed a good place to start.

If you give me a chance I'm sure i can help with other peoples queries as I've been in the industry for a number of years and mainly do print design and some very basic websites. I'm not walzing in and then doing the offski when I've got what I want.

Seems odd that I joined two days ago and have already been removed because I don't contribute, and yes I had every intention of writing an intro but I guess there is little point now.

If any admins read this and want me to keep away then fine but it was an honest request for paid work.

With regards to your answers, I have looked at a few of those already but they don't quite do what I need. I think I will need to produce a bespoke site as you suggest but I wouldn't know where to start, hence the request on my last message. Thanks for your help anyway


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I'm not one of the moderators though. :)
Perhaps you're topic got removed for an entirely different reason, because posts usually only get removed when it's blatant advertising.

But anyway, what is it you require for your shopping system?
Hopefully it was just a glitch, don't think I did anything too bad ;)

Anyhow.... I need an online ordering system that will just be used by selected users as a way to order pos items from my company.

I have made a very basic ordering site with romancart (very basic html stuff) in the past but I am in no way a programmer and this one is a bit more complex.

Once logged in each user needs to be able to view their account balance and then any purchases they make will be deducted from the total. The pos material will be constantly updated so I need a way to easily add items and their respective options etc. Would ideally want a way for an admin to retrieve all purchase information from the users showing what they have purchased and when, on a monthly basis. Think of it as if the owner of a chain of shops wants to allow the shops to order from this site and then be able to see what they have bought and retrieve data etc.

The user would also need to be able to add notes to specific parts of the site (i.e a calendar) and save them so they appear next visit........and i may also need a small forum added to the site.

The more I type the more complex this gets :)

I'm not sure if this is achievable with a bolt on cart (with modifications) or if it needs a complete build from scratch. I can do a online cart with romancart so if any programmers can adjust code to allow login features etc that would be ideal but not sure how workable that would be and would ideally want to make it as easy as possible from the start.

Ideally I would like any interested freelancers/companies to provide details so I can contact them as it really needs a meeting or at least me to provide a mock up of how the site will look. I can design the sites appearance, and would need a programmer to create the site and back end.

Any links to similar sites, companies/freelancers that can provide this service would be appreciated.

Thanks Kevin.


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The credit balance/wallet system makes me think it has to be custom made; perhaps one of the more complex frameworks (Magento) does it. Maybe the balance system can be custom-written and added to an existing framework.

My personal experience was a very basic shopping cart written from scratch with payments through paypal, no registered users. What you're looking for is comparable to Envato's Marketplaces but it's undoubtedly custom made.

For the record, I'm just trying to point you in the right direction; I'm not quite ready to take on a project like this yet. ;)


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Hi Matty,
Welcome to the forums, make sure you post an introduction. Looking at your requirements, I feel you will be better served by budgeting for a bespoke system, even if you where to find an off the shelf solution, the amount of modification you would need to budget for would quite easily amount to the cost to code a bespoke solution in the first place.
Hi Geoff

That's what I was thinking. It started off as a simple online cart but it looks like the bells and whistles need to come out for this one.

Any idea where I can find programmers that can do this.

I've seen a few sites that let you publish a project and then people contact you but am unsure if this is the best way forward. I need to make sure this is achievable as it's an important job to us.

I have contacted a few local companies so I'll see where that takes me, just thought I would post on here to see if there is any interest.

Do you have any idea with regards to costs for a bespoke system like this. I intend to design the site and supply all graphics and just have the site programmed.



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Hi Matty,

If you can provide a full and detailed brief, ill be happy to quote for the work.
You can contact m via my sig.