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Online courses / education


Junior Member
Hi together

I live in Switzerland and I am very interested in design (especially illustrations and graphic design). Because I am working 100% and I can't remove from Switzerland I am not able to study design in a normal university. Although I would like to learn more :)

I have already found some german "online universities" for example the "HTK Hamburg" but I think it could be even better if I am attending a course in english. Do you have some recommendations for that? If I start googeling I find 2000 sites and I have no idea which of them is recomendable and which is just "money making" :confused:

Thank you very much for your help.



Junior Member
Hi Matt

Wow, you are fast! :)

My father attended a lot of courses in this school, i know it quite well. The problem is that you need to do a full-time study there and can't work at the same time - unfortunately I need the money I am earning for life ;)
There are some courses which are in the evening but they are not exactly what I want (for example drawing and painting - I am more the computer freak ).

But it made me thinking if even someone from London knows this school...
Everyone who thinks they know about graphic design should have heard of the Basel School of Design.

Have you tried The Open University? I'm not sure how it works or whether they offer it outside the UK, but I'm sure it's specifically designed for people wishing to do a degree in their spare time.

Good luck with it, you're in a great nation to be studying graphic design, I'm a little jealous actually.