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One off print design

This is completely random but my girlfriend has recently moved to university.

I want to design something that can maybe be framed in her room.

I just want to see what other people can suggest?

Her fav animal is a tiger, i would like to incorporate that somehwere.

Any ideas, big or small welcome:)

Random post i know lol

Tom Sound

Active Member
Managed to swerve Lincoln, closest I've been is mansfield I think! 7 hours on the road with 2 hours work in the middle today, nice:up:
Ok, this is quite a girly response but then you're designing a gift for your girlfriend. Rather than a picture for the wall, how about getting your design printed onto a cushion (there are website that'll do it for a small fortune). That way she can cuddle it and think of you. If you normally wear perfume/aftershave, spray some onto the cushion pad inside. It's like scent marking your territory. Not only will she miss you even more, it'll frighten off any other potential suitors that come sniffing around.