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One More Night album cover

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by Kai16, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Kai16

    Kai16 Member

    Hi everyone =) This is basically my first ever attempt at designing a CD cover and its for my cousin who loves to sing =) I know its quite simple but i'm still developing my skills on Photoshop xD I would really appreciate any feedback!

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  2. Logopro

    Logopro Member

    The only thing I'd change is the letter spacing, some of the characters in that typeface are very close together
  3. dot design

    dot design Member

    Good first attempt not alot I would change from your point of view
  4. Kai16

    Kai16 Member

    Logopro - I never noticed the spacing before! xD Thanks for pointing it out...yeah its the typeface =s I'll try arranging one letter at a time to get it right =)

    dotdesign - Thankyou for your feedback =) Do you think that it would still be ok if the client was a more well -known singer or is there anything I could do to it to make it more professional?
  5. Kai16

    Kai16 Member

    dot design - I have no idea how to edit my post xD but i forgot to ask, how do you mean from 'my point of view'? Sorry for the questions!
  6. SparkCreative

    SparkCreative Member

    it's fine - the letterspacing is a bit tight as someone else said.

    But (and I find myself repeating this a lot at the moment) you really should learn Indesign and Illustrator.

    Photoshop isn't really very good at this kind of thing. Do the picture of the bloke in Photoshop (although in this case, Illustrator would be better as it would then be vectors and better quality and scaleable) and then import into Indesign to add your type, so you'll have much more control over the spacing etc. Then you can add bleed and print it properly too.
  7. Kai16

    Kai16 Member

    Sparkcreative - Thanks for your feedback! Yeah I know i really should learn indesign and illustrator xD But I will try the method you gave me in your comment lol =)
  8. Munni

    Munni Member

    I think its a good first attempt. I've read one of your other posts, and must say, I love your enthusiasm!

    I think you'll go far if you keep it up! Did you manage to find any work experience yet?
  9. Kai16

    Kai16 Member

    Hey, thankyou! =) Lol I'd like to hope so haha =D I don't even know if i'm suited to graphics yet but from what i've heard and seen about it so far I am so keen to learn =D No, i haven't actually found any experience yet, i've been busy for the last few days with some stuff for school so I haven't been to any of the companies I found yet xD its bad I know, but next week i'm planning to go and visit a few =)
  10. Minuteman Press

    Minuteman Press Moderator

    I really like it. Reminds me in a small way of New Order's album cover - Low Life.
  11. Kai16

    Kai16 Member

    Thanks =) I just looked that up and I see what you mean with the vertical text and the contrast!
  12. Esh

    Esh Member

    I think it's quite nice. I agree with one of the above posts though, that you're really ought to learn Illustrator as at some point you'll probably need that more than Photoshop,and you'll get better quality line graphics. Impressive for your first attempt though!
  13. Kai16

    Kai16 Member

    Thaaanks a lot =) Yeah i seriously do need to learn xD i'm on summer holiday from tomorrow so i'm definitely hoping to have learnt at least the basics of Illustrator, Indesign and After Effects but the end of summer =D

    Btw everyone, i've changed the spacing of the album title but the file is too big to upload onto here atm so i'll find a way of attaching it at some point! xD
  14. wdltd

    wdltd Member

    Maybe you should look at some examples of CD artwork. Go into HMV and take a look. Go onto blogs such as itsnicethat, visuelle, ffffound etc and look at examples.

    Above all ... remember graphic design is not about making something look nice and using the latest photoshop tool you've learnt, it's about communication. With CD artwork the graphic elements need to communicate the music and the artist. Currently I am not sure what your design communicates about the music or the artist.
  15. james.walters

    james.walters Member

    Really good art piece, very vintage looking :)
  16. Kai16

    Kai16 Member

    Ah thats a good point! Thanks for your feedback =) Well the artist kind of does different styles for each song but if you had to give them a collective genre i guess they would all fit around the RnB/Soul style with live vocals...if that makes any kind of sense xD but i'll check out some more CD artwork and try out some different ideas with your advice in mind =)

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