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onClick Dreamweaver Bug


Senior Member
Hi Guys,

I am working in dreamweaver cs3 and am using onclick using Javascript. When i save the file close it and come back all the onclick change to onClick with the upper case "C" it works fine but the W3C validator does not like it. Why is is jumping to the uppercase C? Any ideas? Or is this just an dreamweaver bug?


its an unfortunate Dreamweaver bug.. it keeps making the C into a capital.


Active Member
Hi Glen,

Just had another search around and it may be down to your DW preferences, unfortunately I don't have a recent DW release to check only have MX from back in he day when I was first learning some HTML. Try checking your DW preferences, from what I have read it sounds like you can force it to use lowercase attribute names (think it should be with the settings for doctypes and validation against those)

Let us know how you get on.