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Old Spitalfields Market Rebrand


Tony Hardy

Old Spitalfields Market in London have recently had a rebrand. However, they choose to hire Creative Spark, an agency based in the North of the country (Manchester - "North") rather than opting to use one of the many world class agencies around the Spitalfields/London area.
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Read the full article over on Design Week.

Has anyone get any experience of the price difference between the capital and the rest of the country? Do you think the North are finally making an impact on their competition in the capital?



Staff member
North is probably anything up to 50% cheaper than London depending on the type of work... there's such a huge disparity between London and the rest of the UK it's stupid. It's all because it's 'London' and the cost of living is higher there so the prices are higher. Obviously there are the exceptions.
From my own time up in Huddersfield, a big ass town (pretty much city size) the prices were cheaper than what they were back here in Norfolk and it wasn't down to the Uni, it was location as Leeds etc was the same.
It says there was a pitch between 5 agencies so there may have been a few local ones involved.
In my experience clients seem to think they get a higher quality of work if they go to London and are happy to pay for it. Saying that, some of the jobs that come through our agency that originate in London are shocking
Interesting to see the website is wordpress based too!