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Off the shelf design

We are Design By Ego based in UK.
We do web and graphic designing for various clients in UK and also provide marketing and promotional activity for our their web site, But now we are started providing off the shelf designs product and planning to work more on such templates Designs as it takes less time and generate more money, as well as eco friendly geared web site.

So what do you think about the new service which we have included, as to whether we should focus more on the design templates or on custom designs were we used to build our clients site from the ground. If not what improvement should be made to make it much more better.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!


Active Member
For me prefabs have no value, they are virtually everywhere on the web and a little search by the potential client reveals this, also I feel prefab templates do nothing but to de-value our industry. Bespoke design is the preferred choice for me.