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NYC in the snow!


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Had a surprise trip to New York for Christmas, and with a foot of snow and clear blue skies it made for some great colours, here was a few of the better ones...



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Yeah it's brilliant, that's my 3rd time there! First time was cold with a little snow, second time was autumn & was really warm, then this time was over a foot of snow in one night! :)
Very nice! Over the last year or so I have been thinking more and more about visiting New York. And to be there while it snows would be realllllllyyyy cool!

Is it worth visiting? If so, for how long? Also, what would you recommend doing there? Is it just worth going to see the sites?
I went with my girlfriend at the end of November for 5 days. This seemed to be the perfect amount of time to go for, any longer and I think our legs may have fallen off from the amount of walking. It was also the perfect amount of time to see all the main sites (get some sort of pass that allows you access to the main ones, saves money). As long as your not a slow one and keep up with the pace of new yorkers then you will get to do and see a lot. Definitely recommend Juniors cheesecake too, little restaurant just off of times square, best cheesecake ever!


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It depends... If you are interested in photography, the fact the the weather in
NYC now may be different doesn't matter that much.

On the other hand if the weather is what matters to you... Here's a great site!
BBC Weather : New York :up: