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NVQ in Design Support


Junior Member
Hello. My name's Beth. I'm currently studying for an NVQ in Design Support.

As part of my NVQ I need to "explore the technical, legal and regulatory requirements for design realisation". One of the tasks involved in this is to find the regulatory and professional bodies in charge of design to source information from. I myself am actually a photographer so I can use some of the information from the regulatory bodies of photography but as my apprenticeship is more focused on design I am a bit lost in finding these :( I've tried google but to no avail, just keep getting college adverts!!! Can anybody help me find the bodies?!?!?! :clap:
Interesting sounding NVQ! I might be wrong, and I'm sure Berry will be a long soon. But the problem with the 'design' world is that there are no regulations and standards, as it were. Any old numpty with a "copy" of Photoshop can stick an ad in the paper and claim themselves to be a "designer"

There's organisations such as D&AD, the Design Council etc. But there's no regulations as such :/

Design Council
home - The Design Association
DBA Homepage
D&AD: Welcome to D&AD
British Design Innovation

But I'm guessing a lot of the stuff regarding "design associations or regulations"you will be find will be agencies touting a service.


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Yeah that's what I found!!! Bloody agencies!! Wasn't impressed. I'll check out those links though, thanks!!

It was really easy to find the ones for photography....I just need info on copyright and the people who regulate things...all the boring stuff like that really I think!! Got to include loads of stuff like college standard fonts and how to place logos properly on different backgrounds :down: