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Nunito typeface, cut off at the knees


New Member
I downloaded and have been happily using the full Nunito type series from Font Squirrel. No warnings on installation, no problems when using. I decided to use Nunito Extra Bold / Black (I've recently discovered some naming issues, to boot) as a display face for a client. They instantly had problems with printing the font, when only the top half of the characters showed. That said, they are able to view the font - exported as a PDF - on screen.

I've done some research which all seemed to point to knackered printheads, but today I wanted to test a document on my girlfriend's Windows laptop (I'm a Mac user). When I double clicked each file to install, there it is, cut off at the knees. Proceeding nonetheless with the install, I could then see the results in MS Word.

Please. This madness is unbearable. Someone please shine a light on this!!

Paul Murray

Staff member
Not sure if this is any use – https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/291353

I'd hope it's the first cause since that's an easy-fix within the document. Another option could be that the author hasn't set the decenders correctly but that's unlikely if it's ok on your screen.

One other option could be the font format you're installing. Try the version from Google too and see if that makes a difference (though this doesn't have as many weights) – https://www.google.com/fonts#UsePlace:use/Collection:Nunito


New Member
Thanks, Paul. As far as I can tell, after contacting Font Squirrel, it's a compatibility issue with v2 (i.e. The version with all the extra weights).

The bundle of three from Google - light, regular and bold - is v1, which also works fine on a Windows machine when downloaded directly from the the designer's repository on GitHub, and seems to be fine in all instances. Just means I need to redo some elements of this client work and use the limited set of weights herein. But limitation can fuel and aid creation, so no harm there.

Thanks for your response!