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North East Based Screenprinter

Need some reccomendations for a good reliable North East (UK) based screenprinter -

Small print runs (50-100) up to A1 size. Good quality. Printed by hand(s).

Feel free to PM me - i dont was this thread to be one big advertising whoreding.

Na mate - the project i need it for has been placed to 'one side' with Christmas and New Year and what not.

I'll be back on it soon - probably when those frigging christmas treee needles are out of the soles of my feet.

So that'll be Spring then.


Let me know if you find someone.

I looked for 3 weeks straight about a year ago, visited about 5 and couldn't find anyone that hand pull them.

I can put you in contact with a really good team down in Bristol but they ain't cheap.
I was thinking of doing it myself - did a bit at uni - although that was some years back.

There's a few local arty groups in the area - surely they'll have the facilities.

I'll let you know when i've got permantly cyan palms.


Senior Member
Might not be of any help because of location. But I work for a Screen Printers in Suffolk.
We should be more than able to accommodate your needs.
Website: ipscreen home.html

Or feel free to PM me with any further questions.