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Non-discosure agreements

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been on for a while...

I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place.

I'm interested in your thoughts on signing non-discosure agreements - someone has approached me about designing their logo for something they obviously don't want out yet - I've never signed one before and I'm umming and ahhing over it.



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Why are you in two minds over it? All work you do should be confidential until the project is live anyway. Sign the NDA, do the work, get paid.
Thanks for your reply Anagoge. Client's work is always confidential, I wouldn't work any other way, and that is not the point I'm making in my mind - for me, it's the fact that I might sign something they could pull me up on later even if it wasn't from me.

So for example if word got out about the project but from someone other than myself but exactly who was unknown, the fact that I signed a non-disclosure might possibly get me into trouble?


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I wouldn't worry about it. Unless your client is literally an international mega-company, the NDA is their way of feeling safe and doesn't have any actual use. Just sign it and get on with the work.


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NDA's are commonplace in my line of work. I actually have a standard non disclosure policy in place due to it (basically no one gets to see work except me and the client unless written ok from client)

Just read the nda, make sure it doesn't cause you any issues (especially if you need to outsource for printing etc) and then sign it, do work and get paid :)
Thank you both Anagoge and Levi for your input, it's been very helpful, having not done one before it threw me a bit, and freaked me out I guess!

Levi, the outsourcing for printing bit was useful, I'll remember that


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I'm often used as an outsourced 'service' in the same way a printer would be. In my case I get asked to sign an nda if the original person has one too, thats before I even have the job - same would be done to a printer if you are tasked with showing artwork and getting quotes.

It's a little more of a risk with printers when releasing a 'new' product (think how many leaked 'prints' you see on blogs) but if you make sure it's done as close to release and cover yourself with an nda and a written ok from the original client you shouldn't have any issues if anything does go wrong with a printer.


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I've signed loads over the years for various projects. One or two I still can't talk about!

Clients just do it to protect themselves with sensitive ideas. I had to sign one not so long ago, because the information I was laying out, if broadcast into the public eye, was pre-patent and could have resulted in a potential loss into 7 figures.

It's not a big deal as long as you read it.