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Nike Bike

Discussion in 'Product Design, 3D & CAD' started by JamesParkin, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. JamesParkin

    JamesParkin New Member

    About 13 - 14 years again I came up with The Nike Bike.....

    Nike Swoosh as the frame.

    Sent off to Nike with the intention of gaining a place in their design team.

    What I actually got wasn't a thank you just a letter from their legal team saying please don't send us anymore unsolicited designs...
  2. scotty

    scotty Well-Known Member

    Well, that's nice of them.

    Glad I wear Vans now. ;)
  3. JamesParkin

    JamesParkin New Member

    Tried to add image previously.... Should appear now.

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  4. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    I actually thought about your design before you posted, realised there was two maybe three viable ways to make the frame while including the swoosh somewhere, the way you've just shown was one of them (another was the rear trailing arm - fixed or suspension). The problem with the design you show is that it would never get passed by Nike because the logo is going the wrong way when someone is actually on it, arguably the time when it's most visible and this would devalue the brand at the very least. Nike have spent a LOT of money ensuring we associate Nike with the swoosh going 'fat' to 'thin'.

    Did you consider a recumbent bicycle, if not it might be an approach you had considered but in my opinion the swoosh would work pretty well for the main frame. The peddles could be at the top of the fat end for example. Same sort of idea as image below although I think that might be a hand powered one.

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  5. JamesParkin

    JamesParkin New Member

    Hi Levi

    It's was more food for thought at the time and to show my original thinking.....

    I never appreciated the direction of swoosh and understand that point.

    I did consider a recumbent but this was for mass market and that sector is limited.

    The intonation would have been a torsion spring encased in in the frame around the crank to provide rear suspension....

    I even considered little nike ticks in the tire treads so ever time the bike went through mud or through a puddle it would leave ticks everywhere as free advertising.....
  6. JamesParkin

    JamesParkin New Member

    Having said that the swoosh would only be going wrong way from one side..... ;)
  7. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    no it wouldn't, think about or look at their trainers, then look at your bike design. The fat end is at the front on both sides. The only time your design would be right is if the bike was going backwards... not something you do much of on a bike lol

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