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NGGN Logo Branding


I am firstly going to give you a small brief regarding what the logo is about before introducing it. NGGN stands for Next Gen Gamer Network which is a gaming network for gamers. Now i know what you may be thinking, "Not another gaming network with profiles" but it isnt that at all. I am currently coding an application that hasn't really be done before, I have seen a gap in the market where gaming profiling and social networking do not link up they way they should. I am wanting to create a website that can both implement social networking and gaming desires into one website instead of two different websites (e.g. Myspace for user social networking and Xbox Live for gaming profile), these two applications can be and should be emerged into one overall application in my opinion and this is what NGGN will be doing with new and exciting ideas that should test the waters. Without further a do i present one of the variation coloured logos, I am not an amazing designer so you should note that, so critisism is very well needed if the logo does not meet up to the standards of what im after, also for anyone reading this, the project is hiring a team of developers and designers so if anyone on these forums are interested in a position then please e-mail Anthony[dot]Woods[at]gmail[dot]com with a portfolio link or CV to the work you have done and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are launching the development blog for the project next week which will give public users an in-sight of what is happening.



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Hi Anthony,

The site concept looks very exciting, sounds like you've really done your research and found a gap to position your new site in. In terms of the logo design I quite like the typeface you've used and the background red colour fade, however I'm not personally too keen on the lack of contrast in the type/logo colour and background, is it intentional to blend in so much?

I would also re-think the actual logo figures, are they from a stock vector site? As I recall seeing them around a fair bit, and even very similar to a few charity logos. I think you need to go far more futuristic, and think of the modern designs of the games consoles your users will be playing on and the way they market their brands and games - as essentially you will be targeting the same market demographics.

I hope that helps, and look forward to seeing more from your project.
Thanks, Greg
I agree with Greg on the contrast. The type needs to stand out a lot more. Perhaps make the typeface grey with a nice gradient or other effects. Have a look at different game sites like GameSpot:Video Games PC PlayStation 2 Xbox 360 Wii PS3 GameCube PSP DS GBA PS2 PlayStation 3, IGN.com: Video Games, Cheats, Movies and More etc. for inspiration maybe and maybe also sites for individual games.

I've seen those logo figures on Istockphoto.com and a few other places so maybe you should consider creating your own just to add some more originality to it?

I changed your logo a bit just to show you how contrast will make it stand out a lot more..and give it a more futuristic gaming feel. Hope you don't mind.



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I would also make the text beneath the 'NGGN' span across the same width as the 'NGGN' and move it down slightly as it looks a little bit lost under it at present.
IMO 'NGGN' is difficult to design a logo for, I dunno what it is - perhaps it is the symetry of the letters or something?

I think I'd try something along the lines 'Next Gen' as it will offer greater typographical opportunities.


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That's a good point Tom, it may be easier to brand the logo and site as 'Next Gen' as 'NGGN' isn't very memorable, and as Tom says difficult to use for the logo due to the repeated letters. I think having Next Gen as the main part of the name in the logo will also convey a bit more about the type of site you're aiming to create.
Wow, thank you for all the feedback guys, Really learned alot! I will be sure to post an updated version very soon with some critisism changes! Again, thanks very much! :D