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Newcastle / Northumberland SEO

Tony Hardy

Well-Known Member
Hey everyone,

I'm based in the very south east of Northumberland, I'm a stones throw away from Tyne & Wear (Newcastle).

Northumberland doesn't get many hits on the Google AdWords keyword tool when paired with design, web design,etc, and Newcastle gets a lot more, but the competition is higher.

What would you suggest I target?

You can have both, Northumberland will be cheap, you might find Newcastle or North East more expensive? Just set your budget according to your results, you can always fine-tune it later.


Well-Known Member
Can you not describe yourself as a a design agency in the North East? Generally people know that region.
It is worth checking the searches for that but I'd agree with Tony that folks tend to search their city. For instance 'web design South West' is minuscule compared to 'web design Bristol'.


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Sorry mate, that is a marketing decision for you to make. Do you go/compete for a larger slice of a smaller cake or vice versa? It's going to be trial and error and you'll probably get it wrong to start with (I know I have done in the past) but keep developing and learning from what services like Analytics can teach you.

Tony Hardy

Well-Known Member
I will do.

Seen as Northumberland really renders 0 search results for graphic and web services, I think I'm going to have to go with Newcastle, at least it's ranking.

I might also target some Adwords campaigns to the Northumberland area though.