Newbie Logo Design


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I just started getting into logo design and graphic design, this is my first official logo remake for a pool bar that caught my eye because it kind of formed a very explicit image haha.
I went with a similar font and a different take on the logo. In the original, there were bubbles on the top that I liked but I felt it was too much so I incorporated them into the letters.

All feedback is welcomed, let me know what you think!

Thank you :giggle: 20190527_142738.jpgpool bar logoArtboard 6.png


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I've never been a great fan of that font and it might be just me, but I prefer the old logo. At least
they've tried to do something clever with the l and b (I don't see anything explicit?) and it's a simple, friendly font.

Yours is a bit less legible (almost reads as pod bar). Maybe you could try the two o's as an orange and a yellow slice but without
the blue outline? Or make them look like two pools in a pale blue?


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I agree it's very hard to read. Plus yours is in 2 colour, which is a higher production cost. If the lemon was blue like the rest of the logo, would it look like a lemon?