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Newb Q. Sidebars etc XHTML/CSS


Senior Member
If I want a sidebar which will have some sort of pattern on, but no text (purely decoration). How do you set the height so it is as long as it needs to be?! :confused:
Does that not only work if the parent element has a fixed height? And how do you get 100% height working in IE6 Greg? I remember fiddling with this ages ago and could never get it to work.

I usually have my columns contained inside a DIV, and then just put the tiling background image on the y-axis of that DIV so all columns will look as if they have equal height.


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Yeah think you're right Soren, as for allowing the sidebar to stretch to the height it needs to be, then not specifying a height in the CSS would do it, would it not? Then just setup padding/spacing, and the width as needed and the content should push the div as high as it needs to be if that makes any sense?


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you could position it absolutely....

{position:absolute; top:0; bottom:0; left:0;/*or right*/ width:200px; background:url(images/yourimage.png);}

When positioning absolute you can specify 3 values (top/right/bottom/left) so you can make the div stick to the top/bottom of the screen without needing to specify a height. If you need any help let me know...