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New Website


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I added the link Chris, and getting the same error message here Chris..
"The site you have requested does not exist on this server"

It was there this morning (when I added the link), but I didn't have time to look around/post any feedback


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Worked for me this morning and works now. Not seen any errors my end.

First thing none of the buttons work.

I don't really like the design if I'm honest, it's all over the place. The main content being all centred really doesn't work. The main problem with the site is that the eye has no idea where to look to find out what it needs. I'm on 1280x1024 and the header being left aligned and the content centred means that they're floating away from each other, looks really odd to me. Also not sure why the date of the posts is in a stand out green? Draws your eye to it but it's not something that really matters?

You said go easy, but I'm not really sure what to say if I'm honest. I would definitely add more images, especially as a web and graphic designer. Show off your portfolio as soon as the visitor hits the site. They don't want to know your latest news, they want to know how good you are at your job, and to do that they need images, straight away.

Basically, look at it from the perspective of the client, and re-design with that in mind.

Don't worry, I've produced worse website before, not all hope is lost! I'm just being honest with my views, others may feel differently.

EDIT: Oh I like the favicon, looks nice.

EDIT2: Also, your links for aaa-insurance go to ignitionhull.co.uk, not aaa-insurance.co.uk. Lastly, looking at ignitionhull.co.uk it seems you like the idea of having a header floated left and the content down the middle. For me that doesn't work at all. I'd look at the 960 grid system and use that as a basis, it's used by a lot of professionals as far as I'm aware.

Don't give up, but if you want it enough work through! :)


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Hi Guys, Yeah you are all right unfortunately there has been a recent server side issue and annoyingly the site is down!!

Working on it as we speak will keep you posted


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Hi Chris,

A few things I noticed from a quick look...

- The navigation/pages don't really make a great deal of sense, you have 'Design', 'Websites' & 'Clients & Contacts' that should all be condensed into a 'Portfolio' section IMO. From there show the images of the work, description and website link if relevant. The only reason I can think of having 'Clients & Contacts' is for a prospective client want to contact a previous client of yours?? Why not have a simple testimonials area, or show testimonials on other pages.

- The contact page copy goes on a bit, it's also worded quite strangely, 'Hi, How Are You?', why would a prospective client want to e-mail that? It just drags on a bit, keep it simple and to the point, so a telephone contact number, your e-mail address and then the form, no need for all the extra clutter.

- I would drop the client login section, just e-mail your clients their URL and password, no need to be advertising this on the site.

- As Fred said above, show some latest work on your homepage, a prospective client doesn't care less about Mike Woodhouse moving shops! If you want to post updates about previous clients, or upcoming work, create a separate news/blog section, and then perhaps show a snippet or latest post in a subtle way on the homepage. Your main selling opportunity/window is the homepage, and it's being seriously wasted at the moment.

- Design wise it's very plain, not that plain is bad, but it doesn't look like a great deal of thought has been put into the layout, it feels dated and almost like it could be a Dreamweaver template at the moment. I would take a look round some of the CSS design galleries for some inspiration.

Sorry if some of that sounds harsh, I've tried to be nice about it, honesty is the best policy after all! :)



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OK everything seems to be working now. I feel the colour scheme is very dull, for a designer at least I think something punchier would work better. It looks like you've done a fair bit of work on your portfolio. Not all of the links are working but there does seem to be progressive improvement with each project give or take, so keep it up ;)