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New Website


Senior Member
It's generally a nice site. Just some remarks:

  • The reviews should be defined as a <blockquote> element rather than being displayed in a table. And I personally find these reviews a little tacky when it comes to styling/design.
  • I despise the styling used when displaying thumbnails (e.g. clients)
  • On your homepage it looks fine, but on subpages the "Request proposal" box is pretty close to the main banner.
  • The subnavigation looks a little "disjointed" from the hover state of your top links.
  • Last but definitely not least, I'm not too keen on the way you're displaying the work samples, especially since it's heavily dependent on JavaScript being active (as a matter of fact, a lot of elements on your site are)
And I don't really see the need to change colors on every section of the page, although it's not particularly annoying.
I like it, however it kinda threw me a little that when i move my mouse, pretty much anywhere over the page something moves (a little exageration) but it does and im not sure about that!
But overall it looks good.