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New website... your thoughts?

Hi Everyone,

I am new to DF, would like to share my new site that I've just designed...Took weeks to get this site live. Let me know what you think.


I will soon be designing a similar site for a new client, so it'll be great if you can give some constructive feedback and I'll incorporating those in the new design.



Senior Member
It's really overwhelming wen you visit. There is a ton of colors present, and they're giving me (and I just woke up) a headache. So to do something about that...

  • Get rid of the multicolored navigation, it doesn't add anything to the site except for the little colored bar beneath it. Go with an active, regular and hover state, that's more than enough.
  • On the featured brands you could make the logos grey, and have them color on hover. That releases much of the strain on your eyes.
  • Below your featured brands, there is a heading in green. Either make it the same pink as the featured brands, or make it the same size as the other three titles (also don't forget to add a little border in between if you go for the latter).
The bottom part looks a bit chaotic too, but I'm not sure what you can do to solve it though. And as a last note, I like the sliders (and the fade in for more options), but is there any way to change the active state to perhaps a different image rather than the border?

So, in general... good job, it just needs some tweaks :up:
And welcome to the forum.
Thanks a lot ... I love the feedback regarding the colors ;)
. nice point regarding the navigation will make it more subtle...
. can't make the logos grey cause the one of the ISPs had a problem making it other than their own colors...
. agreed regarding the title size, will make it the same size...
but is there any way to change the active state to perhaps a different image rather than the border?
are you talking about the navigation?

And thanks for your warm welcome...


Active Member
Hey OC, welcome aboard.

My thoughts is it's a good site, you've done well.

However, if you could line up the different elements I think it would make browsing it quite a bit easier. By this I mean, Broadband speed test, Featured articles & the footer right hand side for starters. Currently seems a little all over the place but if you could tweak it to fit into a grid layout of some sort I think that would certainly add to the usability :up:

Regarding the colours, I like them. It's true that it's a little overpowering, but I think with the above tweak to help usability it might not need the change to the colours.

Finally, add a bit of padding (say 30px? Just an estimate, obviously do what looks good) below the bottom div, just that bit of breathing room that reflects the space at the top.